Shotokai karate is a great way to improve fitness, coordination, discipline and confidence
in a safe and relaxed environment.

As we do not take part in competitions but concentrate more on self improvement,
kids do not have to 'fight' against other children. Its much more beneficial to instil
confidence and respect in both themselves and others. This is a skill which
will be much more useful throughout life than how to physically 'beat up' someone else.


We usually accept children from 7-8 years and older, but this is subjective and dependant on the child.

High grade juniors performing kata.   Mixed grade juniors doing kata.   White belts (beginners) performing Kihon.



We are committed to creating a safe environment for children, young people and adults.
Because of this
ALL our club instructors have completed and passed a
Disclosure Scotland enhanced level assessment.

Our Policy is based on the following principles:
The welfare of children is our primary concern.
All children have the right to be protected from abuse.
Protecting children and young people is everybody's responsibility.
All children have a right to express their views on matters affecting them.

We will:
Treat everyone with respect.
Respect and promote the rights, wishes and feelings of children.
Encourage children to respect and care for others.
Respect confidentiality and only share information/ concerns with the people who need to know.
Take action to stop any inappropriate verbal or physical behaviour including bullying.
Take all concerns/ allegations seriously and respond appropriately.
Encourage parents to become involved in the organisation

This Policy will be reviewed:
When there is a change in legislation or following any issues or concerns raised.